New Journeys Behavioral Health

At New Journeys Behavioral Health we provide effective, confidential, therapeutic and spa like mental health care programs to help overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions and other mental health challenges.

About Us

New Journeys Behavioral Health is a mental health practice dedicated to helping people achieve wellness through advanced, evidenced based strategies that integrate unique benefits of medicine, therapy, coaching, meditation and yoga.

Our Program

New Journeys Behavioral Health is a comprehensive and innovative residential treatment program designed to address the struggles of people with mental health disorders. Our Transitional program is 30-60 days which includes treatments with your psychiatrist and clinical team, intensive workshops and adaptive living programming to support clients successfully reintegrating in the world after treatment.


The decisions you make represent your behavior and how others perceive you. They often dictate success in personal and professional development. Having control is a key ingredient to success and ultimately to achieving wellness.

The value of having control is the ability to direct your actions and decisions in a way that produces the results you want.

Treatment Specialties

We specialize in treating complex mental health illnesses and co-occurring disorders. Our areas of expertise include:


The primary criterion we consider when admitting an applicant is their ability to benefit from the treatment methods we offer. In addition, we require the client to be willing and able to participate in an integrative holistic program that is focused on mind and body wellness.

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