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New Journeys Behavioral Health is an integrative and innovative residential treatment program designed to address the struggles of people with mental health disorders. Our Program is up to 60 days which includes treatments with your psychiatrist and clinical team, intensive workshops and adaptive living programming to support clients successfully reintegrating in the world after treatment.

Our approach to treatment is personalized, and each treatment plan is built around your individual needs. With a maximum of six clients and a 3:1 staff-to-client ratio, New Journeys Behavioral Health is able to give you the time, attention, and support you need. This small size creates an intimate environment and fosters a sense of safety and community, where each member can flourish.

Treatment is delivered in the comfort of our home-like facilities, enjoy recreational facilities, and yoga sessions, and regenerate in a comfortable surrounding that invites introspection. Relaxation time and family visits are built in to our program as vital components to your recovery.

A good match between a client and their treatment program is invaluable, and forms the foundation of a healing therapeutic process. From underpinning philosophy to clinical expertise, therapeutic range to physical environment, a program must align with your needs and expectations to encourage full engagement in your healing process.

Our broad-spectrum assessments allow our clinicians to design thoughtful, comprehensive treatment plans that will set you up for the best possible outcome. Each plan offers:

A thorough evaluation process that allows us to determine the root cause of your suffering. This information provides the clarity our clinicians need to develop your personalized treatment plan, and provides you with a clear path towards reclaiming your health and quality of life.

Two-three 50-minute  individual sessions per week.

Two to three handpicked daily group therapy as well as holistic therapies throughout the week. We match you with the therapeutic modalities that best suit your situation, in order to create relevant, meaningful treatment that targets the entire scope of your psychological and physical state.

A weekly clinical team meeting to review your treatment plans. Due to the close monitoring and constant therapeutic contact afforded by our intensive residential setting, our team is able to monitor your progress and tailor the plan as necessary. This high level of responsiveness and flexibility means more precise, purposeful treatment and faster relief from suffering.

Appropriate psychotropic treatment. Our philosophy is that medication should provide relief from symptoms and enhance your life as you engage in the therapeutic process. As such, we recommend medication when it is prudent to do so. We aim to create effectual medication protocols that take into account the complete treatment picture and produce the fewest possible side effects. Medication is re-evaluated weekly to ensure you are benefiting from and tolerating your treatment, and we quickly make changes as necessary.

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