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New Journeys Behavioral Health is a mental health practice dedicated to helping people achieve wellness through advanced, evidenced based strategies that integrate unique benefits of medicine, therapy, coaching, meditation and yoga.

Our Easts meets West concept provides expertise in finding effective medicine (s) for reducing problematic symptoms to improve quality of life. Through prescription management, holistic treatments, individual and group therapies, we identify a pathway to improving performance in areas of personal wellness that includes physical, emotional and cognitive health as well as spiritual, social and professional aspiration’s.

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We get started with this process by having you complete a series of intake forms as well as a comprehensive mental health screening evaluation. Once these initial steps have been completed we will meet for an initial consultation, where we discuss the results of your screening, identify an initial treatment plan and layout a roadmap for success.



“Building connections. It’s important that our clients develop their ability to interact with others and build lasting connections.”
“Sometimes nature calls. Being outdoors can be a wonderful way to gain new perspectives.”
“Hiking the local trails helps our clients to enjoy the beautiful area of Southern California that is right in our backyard while engaging in mindfulness and healthy activities.”
“Enjoying the views in life sometimes means just taking a mindful moment to take it all in. We can all learn to pause and appreciate the present more.”
“The road can be long and weary sometimes, but the fight is always worth it. YOU are worth it!”
“One of our fearless leaders. Always willing to go above and beyond to ensure no one is left behind. You are not alone in this at New Journeys”
“We will work together to empower you and build a sense of accomplishment in working towards your goals.”
“Sometimes, triumph is being able to find joy amidst the hardship. Our clients will recognize a sense of resiliency that they can foster and take with them.”
“Being vulnerable can be a sign of courage and strength. We create a safe place to share your struggles and create renewed hope that mental wellness is possible.”
“Hard work brings reward. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry. But there is comfort and strength in knowing you don’t have to do this alone.”
“Enjoying the outdoors is a great way for our clients to incorporate physical wellness with mental health in order to develop an overall sense of well-being.”
“It can take time to be comfortable in your own skin. But it’s possible to have acceptance of who you are and we’ll work with you to start the process.”
“Journaling in nature is a true gift. We work with our clients to tailor environments that will promote healing and change.”
“Stop and smell the roses. Mindfulness and learning to enjoy all 5 of our senses can enhance our experiences and be a great tool to ground ourselves in the present.”
“Strawberry picking at a local farm! Teaching our clients how to incorporate healthy habits and activities into their daily lives.”
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